No heavy-duty dashboards and reports. Everything using just your inbox.

Set it up in 6 minutes. Then forget forever.

Scout Air works without requiring dashboard logins and clumsy queries.

It sends email summaries everyday telling you what is happening about your startup on social media.

It even sends out alerts if there is a sudden spike in conversations about you - by news media or any other user.

Regular Reports

Daily / Weekly / Monthly email summary for Manager, CMO, Founder

Smart Alerts

Email alerts when there is a spike, media coverage, negative virality

Zero Manual Effort

Hassle free one-time setup, no effort ever again

Ace social media with social intelligence.

It really takes only 6 minutes to set it up.

A lot happens on social media every single day, just like in startups.

Missing out on social data related to your startup can be costly.

Large brand looking for a complete social intelligence tool?


Become the boss of social media. Try Scout Air.

Get the intelligence used by large enterprises at a fraction of the cost.

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Monthly Plan

$150 $100/month *

($90/month when paid annually)

* upto 1000 social mentions a month

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